Saturday, April 24, 2010

random day: in the mood to be a kid once again with mom.

If you are not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don't want to go there--Martin Luther
mind me, i love to laugh. i laugh easily. i love jokes, dirty ones especially.

growing up, i love swings. every time i am at a park, the first thing i run to is swings. i just love the feeling of the rush. i cant cease smiling and laughing while i swing back and forth. my feet high up into the air and my hair touching the ground.
i will never forget how frustrated i was when i was three years old. mom and dad pushed me but i told them, no- i want to swing like you and daddy. pushed myself but i could not. i would not give up. then i was too tired. i went home and kept pondering how.
one day, i finally did it on my own. i could not stop laughing out loud. i need to find that picture stacked up in the attic. i felt so free.
i was so exited when my brother was old enough for me to push him. i would take him with me. while pushing him, i would hear him laugh and signed more and faster. i want to go higher like a superman so i can fly.
even to this day, i love to swing. i dont care how old i get. i will do it even at 90 years old. my teeth will come out flying into the sand.

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