Tuesday, June 15, 2010

happy 36th anniversary, mom&dad. your love for each other inspires me everyday. you two are the reason why i want to take my time. the way you two argue are the cutest agruements ever because laughters are always bursting out at the end. the way you hold hands. the way you look at each other. the sparks are still there after 40 years together.

dad, thanks to your sperms for creating me&bro.
mom, thanks for carrying us for nine months.
thanks for everything, always being there for us.

i am so proud that you are my parents. ♥

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

it has been awhile since i've blogged. ive been bad with it. lost track of time to do it. the warm weather is finally here. it is currently raining right now. our flowers need it. my mom did a beautiful job doing the flowers on our front yard, definitely will take pictures of it soon. it is so colorful and so vibrant, got to love that kind of feeling.

i went to three fairs last week and guess what? i forgot my camera each time, unlike me. *smacking my forehead* i so wanted to take pictures of the ferris wheel (my favorite ride). i love being stuck on the top, the wind blowing out my hair, cotton candy in hand and being with my loved ones. i wish i could take my dogs, that would be hilarious. i pigged out and loved every minute of it, cotton candies, caramel candy apples, hot dogs, chicken keab and cold drinks. music bands. old people holding hands. teenagers running around. kids crying and foods smeared all over their faces. girls giggling over cute boys. people laughing. people winning and received huge stuffed animals. i won a cute monkey for winning the water gun shooting. i beat my mom and my brother, we re so competitive when it comes to that game. :D

i will go to another fair soon and i am going to take pictures!

right now, im drinking smoothie from madison's right nearby my home. made my 3rd trip there within a week. they always put cute umbrellas on them. summer is here.