Monday, April 26, 2010

see what i am saying: the movie is so inspiring especially for deaf people. it makes you understand us better. we are simply just like you but we cant hear. must see! so proud of how they accomplished. :).

i met up with this sweet girl i met working last summer at a camp.
miss balz&i

me, mom&the bestie went to check out the bubby's (thanks to rockstar diaries) for black and white strip photo booth. i was so excited, it was so hard to find one.

another funky bathroom we discovered

oh yes!!

mom discovered this photo booth at the smith's. funny story behind this: we were rushing to bubby's before the movie because i so wanted to do the photo booth strip. arrived to the theatre in time, merely seconds. after the movie was done, we hopped over to pour house to eat&drink. (chicken tenders with pretzel was delicious). we walked across to the smith's so mom can go to the bathroom. mom came out with a grin on her face&said we all are suckers, come&take a look downstairs. ahhh, another photo booth strip! it was only a block away from the movie theater.

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