Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i love animals, especially dogs. once i was born, my mom and dad gave me a stuffed yellow dog with brown ears. i would hold on to it so tight like it is the end of the world. from there, my parents knew i would be a dog lover. and yes, i am. a big one. my best friend loves dogs as well. so we share the same passion. she got involved into dog rescues. reading so many stories how dogs were abused were so heartbreaking. i wish animal cruelty would stop. i am so sensitive. i would cry endlessly. so, i became involved as well, helping out as much as i can.

i was so proud of myself when i saved this sweet boy, sebastian. he was named sam from the shelter. my best friend showed me a picture of him and stated that he was going to be put to sleep. i could not let that happen. so i decided to foster him. :)

he loves to see what is going on out there.

i fell in love with him. he is such a goof! he loves long walks/runs. loves balllllsssss ( i know it doesnt sound right but he loves them ). loves licking you all over your face. loves to snuggle up against you. loves car rides. loves people. loves to chase after cats (oyyyy).

such a stud muffin

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