Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i am so proud of my brother (he is on your far left). he is on gallaudet university baseball team. he plays first base. this picture is featured on usa today. of course, i was such a proud sister that we bought 7 of it!
go bison :)

there was a comment made today that fueled me up. someone said "Today there is no reason for anyone to be deaf anymore. Cochlear implants are available and work wonderfully. I hear better now with my cochlear implant than I ever did with hearing aids before my hearing completely disappeared."
wow- that was a huge insult. deaf people can about do anything but hear. it is such a beautiful culture and language. i am proud to be a part of it, it is a part of my skin. i am hard of hearing but i call myself deaf because of my family and friends. i wont ever get ci because it would help me hear better. they need to respect that some of us dont want it. if some of them want it, okay. i respect people's wishes. they need to respect ours. otherwise if you have nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all.

we have a lot of accomplished deaf people out there. lawyers, doctors, actors, teachers, designers, models, and many more.

Angela Stratiy is an actor and comedian. Her website, DeafUtopia.com, provides workshops on ASL and Deaf culture, as well as solo comedy shows.

Jade Films is an independent film production company engaged in the development
and production of multi-media technology, video, broadcasting, television and film. The purpose of our mission is to raise the consciousness about African Americans and Latinos who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, whether culturally Deaf or with varied degrees of hearing loss who do not identify with Deaf culture.

Bernard Bragg is an accomplished actor, director, playwright and lecturer

Betty G. Miller is both a professional visual artist, and a professional counselor working in the field of alcohol and drug abuse with deaf and hard of hearing people. She holds an Ed.D. in art education from Penn State University; and is a certified alcohol and drug counselor (C.A.D.C., a certification formerly known as C.A.C., clinical alcohol counselor).

Chuck Baird is a masterful Deaf painter and teacher

Dr. Clayton Valli's Ph.D. in Linguistics and ASL Poetics from the Union Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio which he received in 1993 made him the first person ever to achieve a doctorate in ASL poetry. He was also the first individual to identify the features of ASL poetry as a literature genre in its own right.

Actress Deanne Bray. She is the star of “Sue Thomas: F.B.EYE,” and portrays a deaf woman who works as an undercover surveillant for the FBI.

Dummy Hoy is first deaf Major League baseball player.

Heather Whitestone McCallum is the first deaf Miss America

Marlee Matlin is an an Oscar-winning Deaf actress

Phyllis Frelich is a Tony award winning Deaf actress

Pinky the Deaf Juggler&Unicylclist

Terrylene Sachetti is a Deaf actress, poet, storyteller, mime and dancer

Trix Burce

performs amazing feats of American Sign Language skill, thrives on audience interaction, and enjoys accepting artistic challenges. With her creative storytelling, she brings into play various handshapes, classifiers, 3-D representations, personification, role shifts, international sign, and more. Let Trix take you on a roller coaster ride through ASL poetry, storytelling, and folk tales.

Curtis Pride is a Deaf Major League Baseball Player. He is currently coaching Gallaudet University Baseball Team which my brother is on.

Larry Walker is a Deaf National Football Player

Jim Kyte is a Deaf National Hockey Player

CJ Jones is a Deaf comedian actor

Shoshannah Stern is a Deaf actress

Micahel Davis is a Deaf actor

Russell Harvard is a Deaf actor

Tate Tullier is a Deaf Photographer

and many more to come!! :D

Monday, April 26, 2010

see what i am saying: the movie is so inspiring especially for deaf people. it makes you understand us better. we are simply just like you but we cant hear. must see! so proud of how they accomplished. :).

i met up with this sweet girl i met working last summer at a camp.
miss balz&i

me, mom&the bestie went to check out the bubby's (thanks to rockstar diaries) for black and white strip photo booth. i was so excited, it was so hard to find one.

another funky bathroom we discovered

oh yes!!

mom discovered this photo booth at the smith's. funny story behind this: we were rushing to bubby's before the movie because i so wanted to do the photo booth strip. arrived to the theatre in time, merely seconds. after the movie was done, we hopped over to pour house to eat&drink. (chicken tenders with pretzel was delicious). we walked across to the smith's so mom can go to the bathroom. mom came out with a grin on her face&said we all are suckers, come&take a look downstairs. ahhh, another photo booth strip! it was only a block away from the movie theater.

this is what rainy days does to me

old hollywood

this stove is my favorite part of our house. it is so old fashioned&has vintage feeling to it

i want to find me a vintage dresser like this

i love this kind of photo- creative minds amaze me

Saturday, April 24, 2010

random day: in the mood to be a kid once again with mom.

If you are not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don't want to go there--Martin Luther
mind me, i love to laugh. i laugh easily. i love jokes, dirty ones especially.

growing up, i love swings. every time i am at a park, the first thing i run to is swings. i just love the feeling of the rush. i cant cease smiling and laughing while i swing back and forth. my feet high up into the air and my hair touching the ground.
i will never forget how frustrated i was when i was three years old. mom and dad pushed me but i told them, no- i want to swing like you and daddy. pushed myself but i could not. i would not give up. then i was too tired. i went home and kept pondering how.
one day, i finally did it on my own. i could not stop laughing out loud. i need to find that picture stacked up in the attic. i felt so free.
i was so exited when my brother was old enough for me to push him. i would take him with me. while pushing him, i would hear him laugh and signed more and faster. i want to go higher like a superman so i can fly.
even to this day, i love to swing. i dont care how old i get. i will do it even at 90 years old. my teeth will come out flying into the sand.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i love long walks. it is so refreshing. especially with the dogs. i decided to take my camera with me and take shots. i love discovering things.

Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction-doorknob. alice in wonderland

learn to trust your heart

i love pretty houses like this

gosh, i love spring.
annette, the woman i am helping out. she rescues dogs. you can check out her work at www.destinyspetproject.webs.com (my best friend does the web design for this site). she rescued and saved darla. such a sweetheart! i helped annette by fostering her for a few days while sebastian was being neutered.

darla is amazing. she is so sweet. lovesssss people and other dogs. very social pretty girl. loves long walks. loves to run in my backyard. loves car rides. loves to sleep on me while watching movies. she has this most beautiful sky blue eyes. i miss her already and i am so sure she will get adopted. :)

i love animals, especially dogs. once i was born, my mom and dad gave me a stuffed yellow dog with brown ears. i would hold on to it so tight like it is the end of the world. from there, my parents knew i would be a dog lover. and yes, i am. a big one. my best friend loves dogs as well. so we share the same passion. she got involved into dog rescues. reading so many stories how dogs were abused were so heartbreaking. i wish animal cruelty would stop. i am so sensitive. i would cry endlessly. so, i became involved as well, helping out as much as i can.

i was so proud of myself when i saved this sweet boy, sebastian. he was named sam from the shelter. my best friend showed me a picture of him and stated that he was going to be put to sleep. i could not let that happen. so i decided to foster him. :)

he loves to see what is going on out there.

i fell in love with him. he is such a goof! he loves long walks/runs. loves balllllsssss ( i know it doesnt sound right but he loves them ). loves licking you all over your face. loves to snuggle up against you. loves car rides. loves people. loves to chase after cats (oyyyy).

such a stud muffin

i adore fashion and pictures.

simple bloom photography, LLC

simple bloom photography, LLC

i forgot where i discovered this one

this one too