Saturday, March 6, 2010

taylor is super excited with his brand new toy while rumer, mischa and smokey are observing their new bowls.

cutest stuffs at kohls

spring fever

mom and i had a spring fever urge today. once she said kohls, i had my ears sticking out like when a dog hears a treat calling for them. i love that store, it has everything! we burned holes in our pockets. they have the totally cutest spring stuffs. i was thrilled to see that lauren conrad sells her line there. she is my fashion icon. i was tempted with her clothes and gave in, a sequin cardigan. we stopped by next door, petsmart. we need to spoil our dogs. it is always a blissful feeling when you arrive home and they get so excited to see you. that will never get old. they were pampered with new bowls and toys. i decided to treat myself at the last stop, ulta. who can resist fruit and cupcake shampoos and body washs, nail polishes and sunglasses. the best of all, laughing with my mom. she is my best shopping partner.

ps. i am still new to the blog. please bear with me :)

full of sparkles and sequins,
krissy jane

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