Sunday, March 7, 2010

it is always a blessful feeling waking up on a sunday morning to pancakes, bananas, bacons, sausage and oj. then my day is guaranteed good.

this is my most favorite article in post news. it is weird but true. some of them cracked me up like this one "this makes driving while texting seem positively safe. florida police arrested a woman who wrecked her car trying to shave her bikini area as she drove. she said she was meeting her boyfriend in key west and wanted to be ready". breakast and reading this makes a perfect sunday morning.

hello, my name is rumer and i hate grooming. giving you my evil eye. my auntie decided to come over and groom me, god damn her, was hoping she would call in sick.

introducing you to my favorite drink, stewart's foundation classics. which brings the fondest memories of my grandma when i was a kid. she would always drive me out on country roads and bring me to the ice cream and soda parlor. every time i drink it, it would put a smile on my face.

rumer vs taylor

i am with my loves and my nieces. it was such a beautiful sunny day, about time. so it was nice to play with them all day long.

i love how this picture was captured naturally. my mom said it looks like they are lining up to take turns to be petted.

hi my name is mischa and i am the princess one. i love my mommy. i look so pretty, dont i?

dogs sure know how to crack us up. which is why we cannot live without them.

me&my loves.

off to watch the oscars. rooting for my sandra bullock.


  1. The day we had was hilarious. Our dogs were putting on a show for us. I can't see us being without our fur babies. The moments they make are priceless. I hope we have many more play dates as often as we can. Every single one we have had is funnier than the last!