Saturday, March 6, 2010

forever 21 is my favorite store of all time. every time i think of something i want, they have it. the prices are so unbelievably reasonable. i walk in there like a kid walks in a candy store, wanting to grab everything. i am a fashion nut, mind you.

mom and i absolutely love this dog store called han nari. it sells the cutest stuffs. clothes, hats, bowls, collars and beds- you name it. they even sell strollers! i am not into over dressing my loves like how paris hilton dresses her chihuahuas but i would spoil them with cute dresses (mischa loves it, she is the princess while rumer would groan and give me an evil eye, she is the tomboy) and brand new beds. i even spotted a cute sailor clothes for taylor- can you say, awww.
(as you can see i am wearing lauren conrad's sequin cardigan i bought yesterday at kohl's. i love how it looks. i am glad i gave in).

another favorite store of ours. i love their uniqueness clothes, furnitures, sunglasses, shoes, quilts ( i am dying to buy one to use on the grasses of my backyard and central park where we can lay down, read books, blow bubbles, have picnics and laugh away) and especially art books. you can see how cool my mom is.

it is our tradition to drink haagen daz's dulce de leche after we finish shopping. you must try it. it is delicious that i have to warn you, you would drink so fast that you forget how cold it is which leads to the result of brain freeze.

i see a beautiful full moon, have a wicked night..

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