Friday, May 21, 2010

my best friend is graduating: props to you!

we always laugh when people say we're a cute couple
i am so glad you are in my life and became my best friend
there were times we laughed so hard that we could not breathe
there were times we wanted to strangle each other but we got over it so fast like gone with the wind

we are like lucy and desi. thelma and louise. bud and lou.
we act like teenagers bickering
we act like a married old couple
best friends, we are.

wherever in life we end up, you will always be in my heart. we have been through heart breaks, bad friendships, tough obstacles and we were there for each other and will do so with our dentures
your future wife have to put up with me :)

♥ you and congratulations. keep on dreaming and i believe you can achieve in anything you desire to.
by: me

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