Wednesday, May 12, 2010

better late than never.


i didnt have the time to do blogs lately. i wanted to post up a mother's day blog and i thought to myself its better late than never.

happy mother's day to my beautiful mother, susan eileen. we laugh, cry & been through it all. she is my best friend, my back bone & my everything. i dont know where i would be or who i am without her. whenever i am down or sad, she would make me my favorite cookies. she went to all to my games and plays. she flew in california to watch my junior pageant and also for my miss deaf new york pageant. she would get me at 3am if i need her. that is my mother for you. i am blessed to have a wonderful mother. she is amazing and my role model.

i got her this beautiful necklace designed by lisa leonard. a heart with engraved of my name and my brother's. a vintage bracelet and handmade t shirt i discovered at luanne's boutique. she had this huge smile on her face and said i will wear this necklace every single day, no matter what. it completed me that we made her day as she deserves it.

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