Friday, July 9, 2010

i love blogs to read. i need to post more of mine but i need some sparks of fuel to do so. i feel like my blog is boring compared to others. i need to make mine more interesting. sometimes i just got no confidence and i got to get myself back together. i have had my ups and downs the past couple of weeks. it made me a stronger person. life is never easy. i was taught that thinking positive and weeding out the negatives is the way to live your life.

dont you hate when friends become selfish and taking you for granted? you do everything and they dont realize you are going through so much that they never bothered to ask. i still put a smile on my face even though i am crushing on the inside. it sucks but at least i know who my true friends are. someday, just someday they will realize who really has been there for them.

an advice, once you're dating someone and you noticed red flags, get out fast. don't wait too long to give them chances because you think they will change. they won't. i am too soft hearted and i love to help people. i learned a lot and its a lesson learned. i can do way much better than this. i want to thrive out there in this world and spread my wings. there are so much things i want to do in life and i need to take one step at a time.

i thank god for my family. i would not know who or where i am if it wasn't for them. they have been my backbones. they grabbed my falls. i want to succeed because of them. they are unbelievably amazing. they appericate big and small things. they said discover, explore and dream. i take that with me everywhere. my aunt once said to me, put on a helmet and just go through the tough obstacles.

and you know, when people said crying are for wimps. not true at all. crying is a good process for you to heal. let it all out. cry and scream, trust me you will feel a lot better. remember they are people out there got it worst than you like living out on the streets and really sick. yet they have smiles on their face. that inspired me. live your life even when its hard because you are taught to learn. i rather to go through so much to understand instead of nothing and not understanding life. *putting my helmet on*

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts--Winston Churchill

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